Find a high quality Face Skin Care manufacturer and supplier’s guide, with a factory in Shop the best guide of Face Skin Care, you need to know about the highest quality of manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, and distributor from a factory in Sat, 14 Jul 2018 15:09:58 -0600 Anti Wrinkle Treatment <img src='productpic/ps_dok1526881537.jpg' /><br>Rich in moisturizing cream, completely penetrate the bottom of the skin, increasing skin saturation.<br /> Completely penetrate the bottom of the skin, increasing skin saturation, enhance the repair of epidermis to condition skin.<br /> Can quickly effectively smooths between eyebrows, eyes, face and neck of wrinkles, and remove wrinkles. Obvious compact aging slack skin, make the cell regeneration improve aging skin.<br /> 【Preservation】<br /> Please store at room temperature. Keep out of humidity and abnormal squeezed.<br /> 【Serving Size】30g<br /> Can effectively replenish the loss of nutrients from aging skin to avoid a variety of environmental damage and dry, which will cause peeling, wrinkles, and veneer pattern.<br /> Prolong the moisturizing time, the skin continued soft and tender.<br /> 【Application】Compact, Anti-Wrinkle, Nourish, Meticulous.<br /> 【Preservation】<br /> Please store at room temperature. Keep out of humidity and abnormal squeezed.<br /> 【Serving Size】80ml<br /> We have a R&amp;D center with advanced lab equipment. Anti Wrinkle Treatment Anti Wrinkle Essence <img src='productpic/ps_j8rc1526881604.jpg' /><br>【Features】<br /> -So Moved Instantly-<br /> The active factors permeate through the skin to animate skin elasticity intantly to shape the V face. Multiple peptides prompt fibriblast to produce collagen, erase lines, firm skin and make skin crystal-clear/<br /> 【Ingeredients】<br /> Malus domeatica fruit cell culture, Acetyl Hexapepitde-8, Palmitoyl triprptide-5, Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Ammonium Glycyrrhizate, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein, Allantoin, Betaine, Butylene Glycol, Caprylyl Glycol, Chlorphenesin, Citronellol,Coceth-7, Disodium EDTA, Escin,Glycerin, Panthenol, Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Phenethyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Ppg-1-Peg-9 Lauryl Glycol Ether, Ruscus Aculeatus Root Extract, Sodium Citrate, Aqua.<br /> 【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> 【Usage】<br /> After cleaning, press and spray at a distance of 15~20cm 2 to 3times, and then gently pat. You may also use it often anytime you need it.<br /> Anti Wrinkle Essence Anti Wrinkle Face Cream <img src='productpic/ps_257z1526881668.jpg' /><br>【Features】<br /> ─Immediately sensational experience─<br /> Due to unique osmosis designed, the active factors are fast derived to basaiskin to nourish and activate cells to be more vivid and younger.<br /> 【Ingeredients】<br /> Crithmum Maritimum Callus Culture Filture,Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 Squalane, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrilyzed Collagen, Hydrlyzed Yeast Protein, Panthenol,Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Betaine, Tocopheryl Acetate ,Ubiquinone, Propylene Glycol, Ruscus Aculeatus Root Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Aesculus Hippocsstanum Extract,Lespedeza Capitata Extract,Ulva Lactuca Extract ,Combretum Micranthum Leaf Extract, Ammonium Glycyrrhizate,Disodium Succinate, Niacinamide, Threonine,Carnitine,Lecithin,Caffeine,Carbommer,Triethanolamine,2-phenylethanol,Citronellol,Geraniol,Hydroxy-citronellal,Alpha damascene,Citral, Isomenthone Nerol,Geranyl Acetate, Menthone, Citronellal, Carbomer,Disodium EDTA, Centella Asiatica Extract, Marine Atelocollagen, Lecithin,Glycerol, 2-phenoxyethanol, Xanthan Gum, Glyceryl Stearate, Ceteareth-12, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Palmitate, Steareth-2,Steareth-21, Stearic acid, Stearyl alcohol, Triethylhexanoin, Dimethicone, Sodium Polyacrylate, Butylene Glycol, Methylparaben, Distilled Water.<br /> 【Application】<br /> Rejuvenate skin to softens lines and improve elasticity and resilienc. Helps minimize under-eye dark circles while refreshing and hydrating skin.<br /> 【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years. Anti Wrinkle Face Cream Anti Wrinkle Mask <img src='productpic/ps_21fp1526881717.jpg' /><br>【Ingeredients】<br /> Punica GranatumFruit Extract, Ginseng Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate,Cucumber Extract, Allantion, Lactic acid,Urea Rose WATER, Stodium Citrate,Coceth-7(and)PPG-1 PEG-9 Lauryl Glycol Ether(and)OPEG-40 Hyaluronated Castor Oil, Glycenin, Glyceryl Polyacrykate, Chlorphenesin.Methyl Paraben, Pure water Fragrance.<br /> 【Serving Size】23ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_0__"></span> Anti Wrinkle Mask Smooth Face Skin <img src='productpic/ps_o71v1526881822.jpg' /><br>Revitalizing Serum<br /> 【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Revitalizing Essence<br /> 【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Poses strong aromatherapeutic properties that calm not only the mind but also your skin.<br /> With a simple massage that improves blood circulation, ensures better absorption and enhances the aromatherapy effect.<br /> We provide high quality of skin care products.<br /> Our service philosophy is to satisfy every single customer and to build up long term business partnerships.<br /> We provide basic skincare products including cosmetics, body care products, which are researched, developed and innovated on the basis of people's needs, and which have realized the perfect combination of the Nature and technology.<br /> As our products have excellent quality, each product of ours is loved by people and enjoys good reputation.<br /> Has a toning and astringent effect on the capillaries just below the skin surface.<br /> High quality product and High Repurchase Rate.<br /> Exclusive one by one customer service. Smooth Face Skin Smooth Face Skin Naturally <img src='productpic/ps_6w3o1526881873.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Can increase cell saturation and skin gloss. Add plenty of water to make the skin smooth and soft.<br /> Daily provide the necessary nutrients for cells.<br /> Apply and pat hand pat on the face and neck until absorbed, could be use as night cream.<br /> The production should be stored at the cool, dry place and protected from light.<br /> Fights free radicals, stimulates collagen production and helps support the structure of the skin with a proven anti-ageing action.<br /> 1.This product contains natural plant essence. The low sensitive recipe is suitable for every kinds of skin charateristice. However, if your skin is specially sensitive, you are suggested to test the sensitivity in the hand back first. <br /> 2. To Keep the efficacy, please finish the product within 6 months after unseal. <br /> 3.Please consuit your doctor if any unexpected reactions occur. Smooth Face Skin Naturally Smooth Skin Serum <img src='productpic/ps_o1tj1526881932.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> After cleansing apply a small amount of cream on skin, massage with finger gently until completely absorbed every morning and evening.<br /> 1.This product contains natural plants serum. The low sensitive formula is suitable for various kinds of skin. However, if your skin is specially sensitive, you are suggested to test the sensitivity on inner arm first. <br /> 2. To Keep the efficacy, please finish the product within 6 months after unseal. <br /> 3.Please consult your doctor if any unexpected reactions occur.<br /> <br /> Helps your skin defeat everyday stress and preserves skin healthy and youthful.<br /> Clean face and hands thoroughly. Apply oil to fingertips, face, neck and skin.<br /> Really notice the difference in the smoothness of your skin the following morning and following days.<br /> Ensure and give you super quality of sleep.<br /> Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with water immediately and consult a doctor if necessary. Keep out of reach of children.<br /> We have created an amazing repurchase rate, and the number and levels of our members are increasing and expanding. Smooth Skin Serum Smooth Skin Mask <img src='productpic/ps_e3rb1526881970.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】23ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Unique promotion of technology, fastly down into the bottom of the skin, wake up the skin to repair their own energy.<br /> Time-reverse firming regeneration repairing essence.<br /> Considerate service to help you get most valuable products.<br /> Professional technology and marketing information recommendations.<br /> We exercise strict control over the purchase of raw material, experimental detection, production process and the inspection of the finished product.<br /> The appearance of lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores is softened, revealing new skin with a youthful glow.<br /> Use regularly for best results. Smooth Skin Mask Skin Treatment Serum <img src='productpic/ps_19qf1526882041.jpg' /><br>Revitalizing Serum<br /> 【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Revitalizing Essence<br /> 【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> It is also to stimulate cell renewal and proliferation, and to have a protective effect against free radicals and to reduce inflammatory activity, thereby reducing skin stress.<br /> The advanced production equipment and professional research workers ensure the good quality of products as your requirement and with your own label on it.<br /> Let us know your complete requirement and enable us to serve you better, and surely we would be your good supplier and long-term partner.<br /> One-stop service from formula development,design,sample making,produce to logestics.<br /> Has a number of highly qualified engineers and experts to provide guidance for the maintenance. Skin Treatment Serum Skin Treatment Essence <img src='productpic/ps_ks71526882089.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> With our strong QA and QC teams, stringent quality control at every stage of production from raw materials to finish products.<br /> Every raw material and new product must be tested and verified strictly by professional team.<br /> Our insistence on using premium natural ingredients for manufacturing our skin care products.Do not conduct animal testing for our products.<br /> We meet and exceed customers’ quality expectation.<br /> We exercise strict control over the purchase of raw material, experimental detection, production process and the inspection of the finished product.<br /> Speeds up skin cell turnover.<br /> Reasonable price.<br /> This revolutionary serum reverse the signs of agings while protecting your skin from free radicals. Skin Treatment Essence Skin Treatment Cream <img src='productpic/ps_20rg1526882140.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> We own best-operated and advanced factory, and produce the various of cosmetics.<br /> All of our products comply with international quality standards and clients come from a variety of different markets throughout the world.<br /> We offer free sample to test.<br /> Manufacture, fill, pack and QA checkout on finished products.<br /> We supply high quality products, reasonable price, prompt delivery.<br /> Your inquiry related to our products and prices will be replied in 24 hours.<br /> It helps rejuvenate and protect the skin.<br /> It assists the process of global skin restructuring and is claimed to regenerate the epidermis and cell differentiation.<br /> It acts on the dermo-epidermal junction and the dermis. Skin Treatment Cream Skin Treatment Mask <img src='productpic/ps_za4a1526882193.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】23ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> We use only the best quality (original) components to ensure the standard of our product range is of the highest caliber.<br /> This powerful formula provides both immediate and long term relief for the face.<br /> It is also to stimulate cell renewal and proliferation, and to have a protective effect against free radicals and to reduce inflammatory activity, thereby reducing skin stress. Skin Treatment Mask Skin Firming <img src='productpic/ps_bdqa1526882262.jpg' /><br>Revitalizing Serum<br /> 【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Revitalizing Essence<br /> 【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Our business purpose:<br /> to provide customers with value products and the best quality service,<br /> Our business philosophy:<br /> care for each employee's growth, enhance the value of each employee,<br /> Our management policy:<br /> in the system is based on the principles of people-oriented,<br /> give full play to the potential of each person, capable,concerning,<br /> Our entrepreneurial spirit:<br /> quick response,perfect execution,<br /> Our corporate vision:<br /> to be the world's largest producer and marketer of cosmetics.<br /> Products are developed by professional R&amp;D team to assure the efficacy.<br /> Apply an even layer to cleansed face, avoiding eye area. Skin Firming Skin Firming Serum <img src='productpic/ps_lnxq1526882311.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Brightening,Fast lock the broken barrier, smoothing skin, forming a moisturizing protecting film.<br /> Smoothing,Fast lock the broken barrier, smoothing skin, forming a moisturizing protecting film.<br /> Moisturizing-Improve water factor, increase ceramide, aquaporin, Chondroitin sulfate, Hyaluronic acid, natural moisture.<br /> In order to offer customers high quality products,We make the inspection for each batch of raw materials to ensure the quality of semi finished products and finished products.<br /> Honesty and quality service-oriented innovation seek development achievements of brand value, make your arms, to bring you the success brilliant. Skin Firming Serum Skin Firming Cream <img src='productpic/ps_qpfs1526882354.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Our Cream has no fillers or other useless ingredients such as water.<br /> We Quality control Department is specially responsible for quality checking from all raw material to the finished goods in each process.<br /> Before all of the products in the market have allergy tests, is a safety product. Stop does not contain hormones, heavy metals and other elements of the threat to human health. Because of the particularity of the cosmetics, not hundred percent safety guarantee, recommends that all products prior to use behind the ear or inner arm for testing.<br /> Add moisture to nourish the skin, smooth evenly moist and transparent to show beautiful skin. Skin Firming Cream Skin Firming Mask <img src='productpic/ps_x8wq1526882398.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】23ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Skin feels soft and smooth all day.<br /> Promoting metabolism for visibly radiant and revitalized skin.<br /> Supports natural collagen production and faster cell turnover,make your skin visibly smoother and younger-looking.<br /> Use only as directed.Avoid direct contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes,rinse well with water.Keep out of reach of children.<br /> Diversified essences take effect in skin, maintain the activeness of collagen and elastin, make skin firm persistently, and powerfully relieve ageing tracks. Skin Firming Mask Natural Skin Moisturizer <img src='productpic/ps_3oqe1526882458.jpg' /><br>Revitalizing Serum<br /> 【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Revitalizing Essence<br /> 【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Comfort, soothe and hydrate tired skin, and to renew firmness and elasticity.<br /> Restores and heals blemishes caused by acne, aging, sun, and skin allergies.<br /> No fillers, harmful fragrances, dyes, or parabens.<br /> Penetrates dry skin &amp; wrinkled skin.<br /> Good absorbency, moisturizing effect.<br /> Excellent essence,with good absorbency, moisturizing effect, smooth skin.<br /> Surprising natural absorbency, good moisturizing effect, the skin is watery. Natural Skin Moisturizer Moisturizer Essence <img src='productpic/ps_9ejb1526882503.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Combined technology with powerful natural Bio Cellulose for results of smooth, firm, moist and luminous skin, instantly locks moisture into your skin.<br /> Boosting skin to reduce dullness and deeply repair the skin.<br /> Cause no allergy to skin.<br /> A dewy moisture Vital Precursor that promote soft skin to help skin absorbtion channels open.<br /> Effective in purifying pores for a clean and smooth skin texture.<br /> Keeps skin refreshing and comfortable.<br /> Balance skin tone, reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin to get a healthier, glowing complexion.<br /> we provide the most support to meet all your expectations. Moisturizer Essence Skin Moisturizer Cream <img src='productpic/ps_ztz31526882540.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Improves Hydration Protecting Against Premature Ageing.<br /> Our specialty is that we customize main ingredients or formulation for different skin types, ages, body areas, and climates from wide range of skin care products.<br /> We have been concern about customer’s physical and mental health to pursuit of beauty as our belief.<br /> We aim to take care of the different needs of customers.<br /> We will continue to provide high quality and safety products to our kindly customers, hoped that they have more healthy options.<br /> The cream will give you younger-looking beautiful skin.<br /> Improves smoothness, clarity &amp; radiance.<br /> All goods will be inspected BEFORE each order and delivered in time. Skin Moisturizer Cream Moisturizer Mask <img src='productpic/ps_hx4i1526882578.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】23ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Skin will look hydrating and dewy too.<br /> Maintain moist skin with less stickiness.<br /> Steady product quality system strict quality control.<br /> It has strong adsorption affinity.<br /> Leaves your skin soft, smooth and refresh in just one use.<br /> Our team have profound understanding about produts, market condition and high.<br /> We have strict quality control over each production process to insure quality stability.<br /> Provide warm &amp; friendly before-sale service &amp; after-sale service. Moisturizer Mask Revitalize Skin Serum <img src='productpic/ps_nhm71526882637.jpg' /><br>Revitalizing Serum<br /> 【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Revitalizing Essence<br /> 【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> We employ only the most knowledgeable technicians and provide opportunities for training as the industry continues to evolve.<br /> We have highly skilled specialists and formulators to provide in-depth product research,development,quality control, testing and analysis to provide you with outstanding quality products.<br /> As your premiere nutraceutical manufacturer we are dedicated to providing the highest possible level of quality in every nutraceutical product we create.<br /> All of our products come with a Certificate of Analysis, as we use the finest in raw materials to provide our clients with top of the line products that are safe for use. Revitalize Skin Serum Revitalize Face Serum <img src='productpic/ps_md61526882683.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Necessary test and certification can be obtained as you request.<br /> We will provide all the details to you during the mass production.<br /> Mutiple dimension improving skin contour.<br /> Safe,Effective,Certified,Natural Skincare Without Synthetic Fragrances,Phthalates,Harsh Sulfates or Parabens.<br /> Has moisturising,regenerating effect,restores the protective and immune barrier of the skin.<br /> Removes toxins and softens the skin.<br /> Relieves muscle tension, has a bleaching action.<br /> Speed up the recovery of skin.<br /> Increase moisture within deeper skin.<br /> For all skin types. Revitalize Face Serum Revitalize Skin Cream <img src='productpic/ps_7bm1526882724.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Protect renewed skin tissues from the free radical damages.<br /> Develop a brighter skin tone and younger looking.<br /> Upholding the reputation for providing excellent customer support, our state of the art facility and excellent staff makes us a superior manufacturer.<br /> Our facility is fully equipped with the most advance equipment used to manufacture the highest quality supplements.<br /> This compliancy guarantees the products we produce are pure and free of contaminants.<br /> We require rigorous testing procedures to be conducted by both our Research and Development and Quality Control and Assurance departments to maintain a high level of reliability and accountability. Revitalize Skin Cream Revitalize Mask <img src='productpic/ps_2pg71526882765.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】23ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> We Quality control Department is specially responsible for quality checking from all raw material to the finished goods in each process.<br /> Quality is a great concern for us and we believe in developing lasting partnerships with our distributors.<br /> Natural ingredients,not harm for your skin.<br /> Speed up the recovery of skin.<br /> Develop a brighter skin tone and younger looking.<br /> Increase moisture within deeper skin. Revitalize Mask Skin Damage Repair Cream <img src='productpic/ps_xqv51526882844.jpg' /><br>Revitalizing Serum<br /> 【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Revitalizing Essence<br /> 【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Have strong capability in bio-pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical research and manufacturing.<br /> Competitive in price and good quality.<br /> We ensure good quality of our products.<br /> We firmly believe that our people, our products and our strategy are the reasons that keep us unique.<br /> We exercise strict control over the purchase of raw material,experimental detection,production process and the inspection of the finished product.<br /> Leave skin feeling soft, smooth and more radiant looking. Skin Damage Repair Cream Repair Essence <img src='productpic/ps_8dlh1526882883.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Overall planning,product development,standardized manufacture process,quality management.<br /> We provide from the product development, manufacturing, design, packaging, quality control, marketing planning to education and training, and other customized program.<br /> To obtain the latest research and development information, screening of raw materials, innovative formula synergies, tailored to differentiate, unique and competitive products.<br /> Soft texture can be quickly absorbed by the skin,comfortable touch.<br /> Refreshing moisturizing formula.<br /> Feeling sticky powerful rich moisturizing ingredients, replenish moisture, anti wrinkles, tightening pores. Repair Essence Skin Repair Cream <img src='productpic/ps_75st1526882917.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Is the expert in the skin care industry and with no doubt we provide the service of design custom formulation to our customer to meet all your requirements and needs.<br /> Self-resilience improve skin's resilience.<br /> Release to promote radiant skin. lt supports natural cell turnover to improve skin texture and tone.The appearance.<br /> Keep out of the reach of children.Discontinue use if irritation occurs.Store in a cllo.dry place,avoiding direct sunlight.<br /> Our aim is to deliver high quality and safe products to our customers.<br /> We provide material &amp; formulation research, manufacturing, testing, shipment coordination service to our clients. Skin Repair Cream Repair Mask <img src='productpic/ps_d3j01526882956.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】23ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Natural moisturizing ingredients.<br /> Enhance its ability to support skin tissue.<br /> Maintain moisture balance between epidermis and dermis, improve tension and elasticity of skin.<br /> Any adverse reactions should stop using.<br /> The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.<br /> Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data. Repair Mask Reverse Skin <img src='productpic/ps_ag1c1526883016.jpg' /><br>Revitalizing Serum<br /> 【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Revitalizing Essence<br /> 【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Application as to leave skin firm, delicate, smooth and fair.<br /> Skin away from dryness and dehydration.<br /> Can effectively replenish aqua for skin, lock up aqua persistently.<br /> For external use only.<br /> We are Manufacture,We could control delivery Time and Quality.We could keep price stable.<br /> All of our ingredients is nature.<br /> We have the professional engineer and technican team.<br /> It is ultra-effective, and works gently on your skin. Reverse Skin Reverse Serum <img src='productpic/ps_hjbv1526883052.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Development,design and production of one-stop service for your need.<br /> As a modern factory,it has fully reached the international standards of the cosmetics production enterprise.<br /> To the escort for the industrialization of advanced research results,we specially invited the distinguished senior management and technical personnel responsible for the operation.<br /> Age Reverse Essence organizes your skin's structure and retains skin's moisture, prevents dehydration.<br /> It helps improve skin compactness and increase skin tonicity, firmness. Reverse Serum Reverse Skin Cream <img src='productpic/ps_p18i1526883090.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years<br /> Penetrates directly into the skin to ensure permanent moisture.<br /> Your skin will look refined, smooth, and radiant.<br /> Fresh texture and instant absorption form a net moisture-locking film on the skin surface and continuously capture moisture to nourish and moisturize skin.<br /> Keeping it in a good and comfortable state.<br /> The moist can&nbsp; high effective moistening elements penetrate the depth of pores, reaching cutis.<br /> Layer, activating cells, enabling dry skin to regain the function of water and nutrition storage.<br /> Supplying the skin with enough water and nutrition, in the meantime, forming a biological water-locking film in the surface of skin, and stably tenderizing skin with water for 24 hours. Reverse Skin Cream Reverse Mask <img src='productpic/ps_l75z1526883136.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】23ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Enhance skins cell ability to repair and revitalize.<br /> The surface of skin will be healthy and finest.<br /> Soothes away dry and peeling skin.<br /> Retains skins moisture and prevents dehydration.<br /> Removes free radical to prevent lipid peroxidation of the cells.<br /> Penetrates directly into the skin to ensure permanent moisture.<br /> The skin appears soft and supple. Reverse Mask Natural Skin Tightening <img src='productpic/ps_f231526883186.jpg' /><br>Revitalizing Serum<br /> 【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Revitalizing Essence<br /> 【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> We have a high level of production and meets all the required standards.<br /> Company is engaged in extensive research, looking for the best solutions and improving technologies to create a modern and safe products demanded by the market and consumers.<br /> Our company's Objective is good quality and good service.<br /> It can moisturize skin to feel refreshing and elastic,it increases skin elasticity and flexibility to anti aging. Natural Skin Tightening Skin Tightening Serum <img src='productpic/ps_473t1526883226.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Regardless of the product type, we always offer competitive prices and will research multiple sources of materials and ingredients to best match your business needs.<br /> Each product type and ingredients have to be specially ordered for you so carry different minimum requirements.<br /> We welcome your ideas and formula/ingredients specifications as well as providing you advice from our in-house dermatologists.<br /> Our Skin experts will help you with sampling, formula testing, and quality checks.<br /> All our products come with Quality Assurance reports. Skin Tightening Serum Tightening Essence <img src='productpic/ps_mlmg1526883263.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> We have a team of professional designers, packaging experts and copywriters to build a design you can be proud of.<br /> Restores skin’s natural pH balance.<br /> Smooth and tender skin,Replenishing and nourishing.<br /> Smooth and firming,Nourishing and hydrating.<br /> Skin tender and delicate,Mild skin care.<br /> Can improve the skin's metabolism.<br /> For those who are sensitive to skin, please do sensitivity test before use.<br /> Apply the face mask on cleansed skin and leave for 15-20 minutes, so the skin will easily absorb all the ingredients. Tightening Essence Skin Tightening Mask <img src='productpic/ps_lqsn1526883301.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】23ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Firming Mask texture of cream and weaving are the most commonly used, focus on increasing the elasticity and nutrition, pulling the skin, help the skin tight to erase traces of time.<br /> After cleansing, put the mask on your face.<br /> Remove the mask to the side, with your fingers massage excess essence, wash with water can be.<br /> Use better results every day.<br /> Discontinue use and consult a physician during any discomfort in the process. Skin Tightening Mask Recovery Serum <img src='productpic/ps_b6q31526883383.jpg' /><br>Revitalizing Serum<br /> 【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Revitalizing Essence<br /> 【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Many patients who suffered from aging skin, pimples, freckles, dark skin, and itchy skin were using the medicine and the skin became healthier.<br /> Imparts a glowing complexion making the skin appear more youthful with radiant glow.<br /> Paraben- and dye-free, ideal for all skin types.<br /> After cleansing, apply a small amount to the entire face and neck area. Use morning and evening before moisturising.<br /> Enhance antioxidant capacity of the skin. Recovery Serum Skin Recovery Serum <img src='productpic/ps_6i041526883429.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Natural skin care product, Additive free gel.<br /> Go into the deep skin to nourish.<br /> The efficacy of making skin astringent.<br /> This product will help you to improve skin fullness and gloss.<br /> Professional teams and machines.<br /> It helps to pass the ingredients that have not yet absorbed and left into the skin.<br /> No Chemical Preservatives, No Chemical Surfactant, No Chemical Color, No petroleum oil, No Chemical Fragrance and No Heavy Metals Technologies.<br /> Lightly grease the skin with a moderate amount. Skin Recovery Serum Skin Recovery Cream <img src='productpic/ps_5lyi1526883467.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> The skin is an organism that regenerates itself and solves problems itself.<br /> Manufacturing of semi-finished products and QA checks.<br /> Manufacture,fill,pack and QA checks on finished products.<br /> Our company is a professional manufacturer engaged in researchment, development, production.<br /> A trial order is ok, and a sample order is welcomed for the goods in stock Mix order also can be supported.<br /> Fast delivery.<br /> We can provide you best pre-sale and after-sale service.<br /> Reduces visible aging signs.<br /> Keeps skin nourished all day long and makes your complexion vibrant. Skin Recovery Cream Skin Recovery Mask <img src='productpic/ps_xkz51526883510.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】23ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> To prevent the loss of moisture, and to enhance the flexibility.<br /> Activate skin energy, prevent out skin contamimation.<br /> It high efficiently resists radical, purify and expel wastes from deep skin.<br /> Skin cell get enough water absorption, lock water till the skin bottom layer.<br /> Skin will become tender and flawess.<br /> We provide best service,no matter when you inquiry,holiday&nbsp; or after work, we will answer you as&nbsp; soon as possible. Skin Recovery Mask Skin Regimen <img src='productpic/ps_50by1526883568.jpg' /><br>Revitalizing Serum<br /> 【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Revitalizing Essence<br /> 【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> We can also manufacture products within other factories in response to the needs of different market’s trend or demand.<br /> We can add requests ingredients in formulas or we can adjust according to demand.<br /> We can definitely provide free samples for testing before bulk ordering.<br /> That accelerates the skin’s healing process, improves the skin’s elasticity and soothes sensitive, itchy skin.<br /> Protecting the skin from environmental damage.<br /> This is a new experience of care that combines Innovation and Comfort and Performance. Skin Regimen Face Regimen <img src='productpic/ps_ykdz1526883618.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Active skin vitality.<br /> Enhance skin energy.<br /> Considerate service to help you get most valuable products.<br /> Lifts and firms skin’s appearance.<br /> Hydrates the skin all day long.<br /> We aim to provide the highest quality and value products, sharing our know-how business techniques for you.<br /> Create the most effective ingredients, high quality and powerful products on the market.<br /> Research and development is our strength.<br /> Therefore, we are good at formulation with newest, most eco-friendly, and most trendy ingredients, textures, and materials.<br /> We customize unique product line from research and development formulation, product and packaging selection, graphic design, testing and manufacturing. Face Regimen Regimen Cream <img src='productpic/ps_kg9p1526883662.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> We have a professional Research and Development team who consistently searching for newest, up-to-date, and functional ingredients which can definitely fulfill different types of formulations and demands.<br /> We continually update formulations and functionalities according to each region,climate,target audience,and selling channel.<br /> Our strength is to manage cost according to client’s channel in order to let them enter market and gain profit rapidly.<br /> All ingredients we use are natural and safe for human and environment.<br /> Not test our finished products on animals. We love our furry friends and would never want to hurt them. Regimen Cream Organic Face Mask <img src='productpic/ps_lgjt1526883698.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】23ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> As we get older, taking care of our skin becomes more urgent.<br /> Anti-aging products creep into our skin care routines.<br /> The mask adheres to your face like a second skin.<br /> With customized main ingredients or formulation for different gender, body area, skin types, ages, climate can be definitely done at the best price we can offer.<br /> Locks in and releases essence into skin for maximum absorption.<br /> Help hydrate your skin and appear brighter,radiant complexion. Organic Face Mask Skin Aesthetics <img src='productpic/ps_h9611526883757.jpg' /><br>Revitalizing Serum<br /> 【Serving Size】30g<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Revitalizing Essence<br /> 【Serving Size】80ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> We exercise strict control over the purchase of raw material, experimental detection, production process and the inspection of the finished product.<br /> All raw workers care every details in handling the stamping, printing, stitching, packing processes.<br /> Quality Control Department is specially responsible for quality checking in each process.<br /> Amazing brightness,translucent,and nourished complexion.<br /> Please keep this product in a dry and cool place. Skin Aesthetics Aesthetic Skin <img src='productpic/ps_b2zn1526883799.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】80ml<br /> What you demand, we will try our best to meet it.<br /> Assists in balancing skin moisture levels.<br /> Plumps and hydrates dry and dull skin.<br /> Maintain moisture balance between epidermis and dermis, improve tension and elasticity of skin.<br /> This procudt for all skin types.<br /> Lifts and firms skin’s appearance.<br /> We aim to provide the highest quality and value products, sharing our know-how business techniques for you.<br /> Formulas according to different demands and packing design can be tailor made to meet customers' demand. Aesthetic Skin Facial Skincare <img src='productpic/ps_i3m81526883845.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】30g<br /> Moisturizing effect to make the skin young, tender, slippery, elastic, and maintain moisture in the stratum corneum of the skin.<br /> We have always made consumer safety a number one priority by using top quality ingredients and enforcing strict quality control at each product stage.<br /> The test results, including effectiveness, safety and skin feeling after application, etc., show that our products meet or exceed the international originating standards, and are no inferior to other products of distinguished international brand names. Facial Skincare Face Mask Skin Care <img src='productpic/ps_0wjs1526883881.jpg' /><br>【Serving Size】23ml<br /> 【Expires】3 years.<br /> Beautify &amp; Moisturize Skin.<br /> Its active ingredients can activate cells and cell regeneration capacity and promote blood circulation and metabolism as an ideal skincare against premature skin aging.<br /> The facial mask will become significantly thinner after use, with all its nutrition and moisture transferred into the skin.<br /> Use it twice to three times a week or even daily if necessary. Face Mask Skin Care